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About Seneca Foods

About Seneca Foods


Seneca Foods is one of the most highly integrated fruit and vegetable processing companies in the US. We manage many—and in some cases all—aspects of production. At Seneca, we produce seeds, harvest crops, manufacture our own containers and provide a wide range of nutritious fruit and vegetable products.

Seneca’s high quality produce is sourced from over 1,400 American farms—family farmers we have done business with for many years, and in some cases generations. Our motto of Farm Fresh Goodness Made Great echoes throughout our Fundamental Beliefs, which have been key to our success since 1949.

We are an honest company, led by experts who respect both growers and employees. By holding everyone to high standards, we help customers reap the benefits of accountability: quality produce. The integrity of our products is measured by elements such as food safety, customer satisfaction and environmental impact.

Seneca is a publicly traded company that still embodies the close-knit family pride that runs several generations deep. Our familial approach to empowering staff—through responsibility and respect—results in long-term employee loyalty and expertise.

Our conservative financial approach and commitment to the business helps to provide value through tangible results for shareholders and customers. Company acquisitions and capital investment in technology for our state-of-the-art facilities deliver value to all who are involved.

We put all of our effort into being the best at what we do and know that our relationships—both old and new—help make Seneca a market leader.

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