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Integrated Operations

Integrated Operations

One definitive key to Seneca’s longevity as the market leader for canned produce is our vertically-integrated and streamlined approach to operations.

Farming Operations - 200,000+ acres

Farming Ops

Seneca Foods has more geographical diversity than any other U.S. vegetable processor, contracting with well over 1,600 American vegetable farms and orchards. Strong partnerships with our growers mean more awareness of crop conditions and the ability to collaborate and ultimately ensure a higher quality product. We provide expertise such as crop monitoring, help with issues such as pest control and weed growth, and we coordinate the harvests into our processing facilities. Our field representatives also use specialized software that tracks pesticide usage and accommodates all records needed for industry certifications and auditing. 

In addition, we manage farming operations of our own to develop best practices, grow organic produce and run trials of new seed varieties.

Seed Operations - Investing in a sustainable future

Seneca's seed operations includes receiving, conditioning, treating, packaging, as well as storage and fulfillment of many vegetable seed varieties. We focus on seed crops related to our core business, including sweet corn, garden & dry beans, peas, carrots, onions and beets.

We also have partnerships with leading universities in agricultural research, and we employ our own team of scientists dedicated to improving disease resistance and developing new seed varieties that meet the needs of our customers and growers.

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Steel Can Manufacturing - The most sustainable food packaging


Seneca manufactures billions of cans per year at our plants in Baraboo, WI and Payette, ID - meeting our can needs and streamlining our supply chain. Cans are the most recycled food package in the US, and they offer unparalleled protection from spillage and shipping damage. Over the years, we have been an innovator in the business by reducing emissions, optimizing can weight and reducing energy or other resources used. We were the first large manufacturer to switch to non-BPA can linings, and today we are proud to be producing all of our cans without the addition of BPA.

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Logistics - Saving time, adding flexibility

Seneca Truck Fleet

Seneca manages over 8 million Sq. Ft. of warehousing and our own network of tractor trailers. Our strategically located distribution centers maximize service and reduce freight costs. We also work with multiple carriers to take advantage of synergies in order to deliver our orders efficiently. Our inventory management systems have been specially tailored to our business to maximize year round supply availability and cost savings due to our scale and geographic diversity. We manage over 20 frozen rail cars (Cryotrans) and utilize rail as often as possible to ensure product movement is as efficient as possible.

Since 1956 we have also provided an air charter service primarily to allow flexible travel between our locations in rural areas.

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