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Production Capabilities

Production Capabilities

Food Processing

Seneca Foods produces an exceptionally wide portfolio of quality food products and offers a variety of contract and co-pack opportunities for industrial customers. In addition to our core business of packaged fruit and vegetables, our product portfolio includes snack chips, sauces, gravies, natural colorants, and more.

Our food processes include:Mixed Vegetables

  • Frozen
  • Hot fill
  • Continuous cooking
  • Still retorting
  • Vacuum frying

We also offer a multitude of packaging options:

  • Steel cans of all sizes
  • Plastic and glass bottles
  • Single-serve cups and bowls
  • Pouches and trays
  • Frozen Poly bags
  • Bulk containers

On the factory floor we employ sophisticated systems for quality control, thermal processing, testing procedures and grade specifications to ensure our manufacturing is among the safest and most efficient in the world. Our comprehensive standards align with multiple industry-leading food safety initiatives.

No detail is too small for us. We have optical sorters that can remove a single kernel of corn that is less than ideal for packaging. Our supply chain uses a specially tailored system of software to ensure we label and ship orders in five working days or less. The efficiency of scaling our efforts allows us to optimize inventory management and pass the savings along to our customers.

Read more about our quality controls here or read about our commitment to responsible food processing on our sustainability page.


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