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Packaging Information

Packaging Information

In a diverse market, Seneca understands the need to offer packaging that meets various requirements and consumer preferences. Recyclability, impact on the environment, cost-effectiveness, eye-appealing design, and safety are just a few.

Shelf Stable Packaging

  • Cans – 8 oz (227g) – 100+ oz (2.8+kg)
    • Diameters from 202 to 603, Heights from 304 to 7008oz Can

Seneca produces almost all of its cans internally. Cans are the most recycled food package in the U.S. and offer the best long-term protection from damage due to transport and spoilage. As a self-manufacturer of steel cans, Seneca offers virtually any size at a competitive price. Many of our cans are available with “EZ-Open” pull-tab openings, and 100% of our cans are produced without the addition of BPA. Read more about our packaging innovations here.

  • Pouches – 200x130mm – 381x305mm

A very attractive and convenient alternative, our pouches stand up straight, are flexible, easy to open, and take up less space in the pantry. Pouches are steamable and/or microwavable and allow for quick and easy preparation without pots or other heating containers. Sizes range from self-standing retail packages, to larger foodservice-oriented packages.

  • Plastic Cups – 4 oz (113g) – 7 oz (198g)

Single serve microwavable cups are ideal for lunch boxes, snacks, and busy lifestyles.

  • Plastic Bottles – 10 oz (283g) – 1 gal (3.6kg)

Our fruit products come in a wide range of visible and convenient plastic bottles.

  • Glass Jars – 6 oz (170g) – 1 gal (3.6kg)

Our premium glass jars are reusable and offer unparalleled product visibility.

  • Foil Bags – 0.7 oz (20g) - 2.5 oz (71g)

Our chip products are tightly sealed in foil bags.

  • Bulk containers – Pails, Drums, Totes

For industrial ingredient uses, we are able to accommodate nearly any size requirement. 

Frozen Packaging

  • Poly Bags – 8 oz (227g) – 88 oz (2.5kg)

Options include reusable ziplock openings, steamable bags, and self-standing packages for shelf displays.

  • Plastic Tubs – 6.5 lb – 24 lb

Our tubs for frozen fruit are easy to use and reseal.

  • Bulk Boxes – 10 lb – 55 lb

Sealed poly liner boxes are a great option for foodservice and ingredient uses.

Please contact our sales department for more details.

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